Rust, rust and more rust

As I delve further into the project I am finding more rust holes.  I use the wire brush on the under panels and remove the undercoat and this reveals areas of rust holes.

My first attempt of welding in a patch looked more like bird droppings and so I knew I needed, one a better welder and two to learn better welding techniques.

So I bought a Hobart 165i TIG welder and Argon tank and spent several months teaching myself to weld.P1010583 P1010584 P1010585 IMAG1364 P1010211 P1010215 P1010578

I have now returned to filling in small rust holes and welding in patches on the inner frame and battery box.

Mid November 2015, with help from two buddies we removed the engine and transmission.  I will send out the Mechanical fuel pump out for testing and rebuild.


Rebuilding the 69 911E

June 2015

Picture is when I got the car in 1988, when my son was two years old.  Even back then it was a good 10 footer.  (looks good from 10 feet)  The car needs some TLC as the last restoration was done back in the early 1980s and many areas had welded in patches and rust area were covered in bondo. The plan is to replace the front Suspension pan area and front latch support panel and then move to rocker panels, lock posts and then to floor pans.

Porsche 911E 1988 001